Welcome Suzanne O’Keeffe to PBI

Suzanne O'KeeffeThe Public Banking Institute is pleased to announce the appointment of Suzanne O’Keeffe as its new Communications Coordinator – a vibrant new talent for getting the public banking word out and around!

We’re delighted to have Suzanne’s many talents in writing, social media, video production and network communications on our team. PBI is expanding its reach and visibility in all channels of media, and Suzanne brings rich experience in doing just that.

Her latest efforts for public banking in Los Angeles included creating and hosting a city-wide Public Bank People’s Forum which included creation of a powerful short video that has been viewed thousands of times. We’re planning on having many more of these videos as we broaden our educational outreach and channels.

Suzanne has used her media expertise to help mobilize numerous public interest and political campaigns, including most recently in Los Angeles, as part of a team that initiated a city-wide effort to create a Los Angeles public bank – a call that has now generated response from key members of the LA City Council.

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