Insurgent Democracy: The Story of the Nonpartisan League

Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American PoliticsMany of you know that the Bank of North Dakota (the only public bank in the US) was started in 1919, during a progressive movement that swept the state and the region. But do you know about the Nonpartisan League, the grassroots effort that took on the big banks and the railroads and eventually took over the ND state legislature?

The modern public banking movement owes a lot to the Nonpartisan League. Now you can learn more about the movement that spawned public banking in the US with a new book Insurgent Democracy: The Nonpartisan League in North American Politics by Augsbury College Associate Professor of History Michael J. Lansing.

From the Insurgent Democracy website… “In 1915, western farmers mounted one of the most significant challenges to party politics America has seen: the Nonpartisan League, which sought to empower citizens and restrain corporate influence. Before its collapse in the 1920s, the League counted over 250,000 paying members, spread to thirteen states and two Canadian provinces, controlled North Dakota’s state government, and birthed new farmer-labor alliances. Yet today it is all but forgotten, neglected even by scholars.

“Michael J. Lansing aims to change that. Insurgent Democracy offers a new look at the Nonpartisan League and a new way to understand its rise and fall in the United States and Canada. Lansing argues that, rather than a spasm of populist rage that inevitably burned itself out, the story of the League is in fact an instructive example of how popular movements can create lasting change. Depicting the League as a transnational response to economic inequity, Lansing not only resurrects its story of citizen activism, but also allows us to see its potential to inform contemporary movements.” [read more]

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